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Tennessee. *I come on to Thehes. Hit was a hot day, when
I come, but summer not on good yit. I come over the hill,
down the road, and thar was the grass and the trees standen
green. Lak hit is, and lak hit come to me that time. I taken
the turn in the road, and thar was the church. New Bethany
church,, hit is. And the spring, and I run to hit, on-steady
and nigh blind, with what come on me when I seen hit, I
put my face down to the water. I taken my fill.
" I lifted up my head, slow. And thar she set."
His voice stopped. In the silence, in the marshy ground
down the creek the frogs were piping. Then he said: "Hit
was Addle."

"Yes," his wife's voice said, quietly, from the shadow where
her chair was, " I was setten thar, in the shade of a sugar-tree,
and I seen him come down the hill/'